France-Africa: what are the major agreements of the last 10 years

Bilateral relations between France and Africa have made very remarkable progress. This has enabled Africa to achieve feats in certain areas. Read this article to learn more about the latest MoUs signed which unite France and Africa.

G5 Sahel Agreement

In order to come to the aid of the African peoples, mainly the Sahel countries, France has undertaken to sign a memorandum of understanding called the “G5 Sahel Partnership”. Indeed, it is an agreement that took off after cooperation between the Interparliamentary Committee of the G5 Sahel Countries and the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie. Speaking of the states concerned by this partnership, there are Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad. The main objective of this MoU is to be these five countries to fight terrorism. You are not without terrorism being the first problem with which these countries are confronted. According to statistics, jihadists operate every day in these states. This explains the high number of refugees in other neighboring countries. To curb terrorism, France has decided to make military equipment and 10,000 armed personnel available to these countries.

Monetary cooperation agreement between France and UEMOA

Adopted on November 10, 2019, this monetary cooperation agreement puts the economies of WAEMU member countries back on the right track. This agreement also replaces that of December 4, 1973. To this end, the objective of adopting a monetary agreement aims to strengthen the economy of the members of this organization while allowing them to switch from the "CFA franc" to the currency. Of the new "ECO" currency. Apart from that, this agreement aims to withdraw France from the governance bodies of these WAEMU member states. Finally, the monetary cooperation agreement between France and UEMOA sets up a new mechanism for dialogue and surveillance.

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