Someone once told me that if you have not paid for something, you are not serious about it. For a while I thought it was farfetched. I asked myself why I had to pay for it when they are free. Sometimes I opt for the free options and I gain a lot, but I did not realize there was more to it.
These payment sometimes are not usually made with cash or transferring of funds. Sometimes it is the pain you take to download materials and faithfully go through them, other times you have to use money itself.

Why am I Saying all This?

It is simple, when it comes to your comfort and security in some of the things you care about you have to pay for it. For example, if you own a business or a company, you will have to pay security personnel to watch over it day and night.
So also, if you have an online business, you should do all you can to protect it, even if it includes pain. Because a breach in this system can be costly. With the consistent rise of hackers, you can never be too careful. You may say my business is just a small one or there is really no money in my account. Well, that may be true for now, but it may not be always through.
Also, you never know the true agenda of those hackers. So one advise from me is that you can never be too careful. To check out some of these protection packages, check secured web hosting

Do I Always have to Pay for my Protection?

No you don’t. Like I always say, people’s situations are sometimes people specific. Don’t be under pressure to do anything and don’t feel the need to pay for something when you can’t afford it yet or if you feel you don’t need it yet. Just make do with the free ones and be protected.

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